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Special Instructions

All Information is from our Archive and we will be waiting

for the latest updates, and when we receive the right Information we publish; Updated ............

We where planning to have several helpers who would collect the information and follow up updates etc. We will give this work to any disabled person or an out of work person needed to support his family. We would not give them wages but they might get bags of Rice instead of a monthly wage, it might be a phone credit, a toothbrush and paste or a shopping basket, so that they help their families as well. But over te last 7 months we have had no voluteers to help which I think is a pity.

All work is done by myself and the help of Mamadou, so we ask everybody to send us all the details on a email as an attachment, the same with any images.

If you do not like some parts, do not worry let us know and ae change it.

We were hoping to be more advanced but with Gamtel and Nawec we have to follow their speed of operating