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 Projects 2017 - 2018

Kingfisher Trust Is going to Promote The Gambia with:, which will be a very large Web Site

covering several 1000's of pages.

The main section will cover TOURISM - BUSINESS - GOVERNMENT (Including every Village or Settlement) and will be an extensive Information Directory which will be covering the whole country, be it the weekly Lumo in Sabi or the craft market in Brikama. There will be links to all the Hotels and Restaurants .and if the employ 5 or more local Staff they can also have a free full page advert free of charge (excluding Art work)

For Business there will be an very comprehensive information Directory, again covering the whole country. Every Business can have a Free entry with the name and address details and include links to their website. There will be an opportunity to have extra advertising for a donation to the Trust, The minimum donation is 1500 Dalasis, for each page and which would cover 2 sets of USB Sticks and Earphones. All payments to Kingfisher Trust or directly to our Trust Bank Account: 11064161101(Kingfisher Trust)


All the sites will be designed and hosted FREE by the founder of Kingfisher Trust; Mr Simon Wezel as a kind of Thank You for the welcome he has received since his first visit to the "Smiling Coast" in 1984

We are planning to have several helpers who would collect the information and follow up updates etc. We will give this work to any disabled person or an out of work person needed to support his family. We will not give them wages but they might get a bags of Rice instead of a monthly wage, it might be a phone credit, a toothbrush and paste or a shopping basket, so that they help their families as well. will cover information from Education Government and a complete list of all the villages in The Gambia, in which we hope to add the phone number of the Alkalo and the local Police. The education will have some sub domains covering : lower and upper basic, highschool and university. We will use this Site to republish the Medical Research Council booklet:

"The Foods of The Rural Gambia" for which we have copyright permission. We use this Site to List: NGO - CBO - Charities and Gambian Youth Organisations I am lucky, Jammeh forgot to take this Site with him, so we are going to use this Site as the Main Index and at present we have already over 1700 categories and when finished they will be listed as A to Z This is a Text only web site which was meant for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The Screenreader Software was designed for the Blind, but we have been given permission to use this program together with the "Webbie" Browser, to help also the youth of the country to support the learning of English. With special links to other sites, one a Text Only copy of "foods of the Rural Gambia" the other the English - Mandinka Dictionary and Mandinka - English, both should help to improve both The Blind-Visually Impaired but should also be very handy for any who would like to improve their English, as this program you can not only read the Text but also how it is spoken out loud. All you need is an Kingfisher USB stick with the software and a set of earphones. We hope to get enough Sponsors, because each set will be about 750 Dalasis. This will be the 25 year history of the Trust Will be our own main site and hope to find time to update the present version. When ready we will have a special section for school children to have a monthly competition for the "Best Story or The Best Drawing" with prizes in the form of phone credit: 100,500,1000 dalasis

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